Getting Things Done® in the Radio Science Lab

Members of the UBC Radio Science Lab improve their productivity by using a simplified version of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” process.


  1. Complete this week’s Done list.
    a. Transfer To Do’s and Issues from last week that have been completed or resolved.
    b. Insert any new To Do’s that were completed last week.
  2. Complete this week’s Issues list.
    a. Transfer Issues from last week that were not resolved.
    b. Insert any new Issues that prevented any of last week’s To Do items from being completed.
  3. Complete this week’s To Do list.
    a. Transfer To Do items from last week that weren’t completed.
    b. Insert any new To Do items.
  4. Insert this week’s Meetings and Appointments.
  5. Insert key references that you want to track.
  6. Share a copy of both last week’s updated worksheet and this week’s new worksheet with your supervisor.


Add new Issues and To Do’s in italics.


Done – Items that were completed or resolved last week.

Issues – Items that you need others to complete or resolve so that you can complete outstanding tasks.

To Do – Tasks that you plan to start, continue, or complete this week.


A GTD in RSL worksheet can be downloaded here.

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