Current and Recent Projects

Propagation Tutorial at IEEE VTC 2010 Fall

  • focus on vehicular networks; part of the tutorial on Cooperative Vehicle Safety Systems
  • the propagation tutorial slides will be posted on the committee website
  • collaborators:
    • Yaser Fallah, University of California - Berkeley
    • Hariharan Krishnan, General Motors
    • Shahrokh Valee, University of Toronto
    • Soumaya Cherkaoui, Université de Sherbrooke
    • Denis Gingras, Université de Sherbrooke

Wireless System Planning Tools Directory

  • the directory is available at
  • the 2010 refresh of the directory is complete
  • vendors have been invited to join the directory steering committee
  • the current directory includes product names, descriptions, company logos and contact information
  • the directory steering committee will be asked to recommend features to incorporate in the 2011 refresh

Wireless System Planning Tools Tutorial

  • we are working with Mentum and Siradel to develop a one-day Wireless Systems Planning Tools tutorial
  • it will first be given in Vancouver in early Dec 2010
  • it will be open to IEEE VT-S members free of charge; it will also used as a recruiting inducement for potential IEEE VT-S members

Radiowave Propagation Books Directory

  • The directory is available at
  • Authors are invited to submit their books for inclusion in the directory
  • Purchasing books by clicking through to supports the activities of the Committee

Guidelines for Statistical Design of Propagation Experiments

  • our survey of recent measurement-based propagation papers shows that very few incorporate statistical rigour
  • we are bringing together researchers to develop guidelines for: 1) statistical design of propagation experiments and 2) statistical analysis of propagation data
  • such guidelines will help researchers prepare better manuscripts and reviewers, editors and readers more effectively assess them

XML-based Markup Language for Radiowave Propagation Data

  • exchange of propagation data would be simplified if the data was marked up using an XML-based markup language
  • we are bringing together researchers to develop guidelines and specifications for such a markup language

Standardized Propagation Models

  • We are bringing together researchers to standardize propagation models suitable for fairly comparing alternative system designs and identify gaps to be filled by future work
  • Our initial efforts are focusing on models suitable for use in vehicular networking.
  • Following a successful tutorial presentation at IEEE IMS 2010 (Anaheim), we’ve been asked to take on a similar role for propagation in industrial environments.

Selected Reprint Volume

  • Co-editors: Prof. Dave Michelson and Dr. Saeed Ghassemzadeh
  • Section editors are identifying the most significant four-to-six papers in each area and are preparing a two-page introduction that puts these selections in context.
  • The volume will be suitable for use as a reference in graduate level courses on radiowave propagation.

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