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Field test on a logging road.

AURORA Smart Intersection

28 GHz Channel Sounder

The UBC Radio Science Lab conducts a variety of wireless research projects with support from industry sponsors, standards groups and government funding agencies. Our current research focuses on next-generation wireless and radar systems that will help to transform land and marine transportation, and the urban system, natural resources and national defence sectors.

Prof. Michelson is:

  • a co-founder and Director of the AURORA Connected Vehicle / Smart Transportation Testbed. AURORA's mission is to contribute to the succesful deployment of connected vehicle technology in North America in both urban areas and the natuiral resources sector through innovation in policy, technology, and applications.

    Collaborators/sponsors: Transport Canada, BC Ministry of Transportation and Innovation, Rogers Communications, FPInnovations

  • a co-founder and Director of the UBC Marine Systems Initiative (MSI). MSI's mission is to support Canada's shipbuilding industry, industrial marine sector and naval forces by training highly qualified personnel and conducting applied research in relevant areas of electrical, computer & systems engineering, including wireless communications and radar.

    Collaborators and Sponsors: Vard Electro, Vard Marine, Royal Canadian Navy, Lloyds Registry

  • a co-founder and member of the Steering Committee of the NIST-sponsored 5G Millimetre-Wave Channel Model Alliance. The Alliance's mission is to develop breakthrough measurement, calibration, and channel modeling approaches and technologies used for millimeter wave and submillimeter wave frequencies.

    Collaborators and Sponsors: U.S. National Institute for Standards and Technology, Communications Research Centre, Rogers Communications, Aalto University,

  • a co-investigator on ORCASAT, a component of the Canadian Space Agency's Canadian Cubesat Project. ORCASAT's mission is to demonstrate leading edge technologies for calibrating optical and radio telescopes using space-based calibration sources carried by Cubesats.

    Collaborators and Sponsors: Canadian Space Agency, University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University

  • principal investigator of a joint BC Hydro/Cisco Systems project that seeks to develop improved simulation and deployment tools for IEEE 802.16.4g/SUN and LoRa-based low power networks.

    Collaborators and Sponsors: BC Hydro, Cisco Systems

  • chair of the Canadian National Committee (CNC) of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI). An NGO under the International Council for Science, URSI's mission to stimulate and co-ordinate, on an international basis, studies, research, applications, scientific exchange, and communication regarding electromagnetic fields and waves.

    Sponsor: National Research Council of Canada

  • working with collaborators from the Spectrum Policy and Licensing Branch of the Government of Canada and the University of Ottawa to develop a Spectrum Policy course to be taught at both universities. This will undoubtedly lead to research activity in this area at RSL.
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    Inquiries from prospective sponsors, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are most welcome.
    Please contact Prof. Dave Michelson.

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