About Us

Our Mission

1. To contribute to the theory and practice of wireless communications system design with particular emphasis on propagation and channel modelling, electromagnetic compatibility, and development of low-profile antennas.

2. To support Canadian industry, government, and academia by addressing research problems of direct and immediate interest to them, often under the aegis of collaborative research agreements.

3. To train, through both research and course work, highly qualified personnel (HQP) in wireless communications systems design who will meet the staffing needs of Canadian industry, government, and academia.

4. To serve both the university and the community through participation in committees, editorial boards, and related bodies.

Our Facilities

The Radio Science Laboratory maintains a 600-sq-ft Research Office (MCLD 442), a 900-sq-ft Electromagnetic Compatibility Lab (MCLD 132), a 1500-sq-ft Antennas and Propagation Lab (MCLD 500), and a 12,000-sq-ft rooftop test facility.

Our major facilities include a mobile test van, a Ka-band satellite receiving terminal, roof-top antenna towers, a roof-top antenna range, an ETS-Lindgren Series 71 screen room and an ETS-Lindgren Series 81 anechoic chamber. Our well-equipped Antennas and Propagation Lab allows us to turn high performance spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers, vector signal generators, vector signal analyzers and software defined radio platforms into a variety of narrowband, wideband, UWB and MIMO channel sounders. Our Spirent SR5500 channel emulator with custom upgrades allows us to verify the operation of our channel measurement equipment and assess the effect of fading channels on actual wireless communications equipment.

We thank the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) , Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC_, Nokia Mobile Phones, Sierra Wireless, and MDA Corporation for their generous infrastructure support.

Our People

Prof. David G. Michelson


Pooyan Abouzar Djirandehi, PhD candidate

Ruby Ruksana, PhD student

Sina Mashayekhi, PhD student

Saad Mahboob, PhD student

Dennis Liang, PhD student


Robert White, MASc candidate

Yin He, MASc candidate

Md. Ahmed, MASc candidate

Lina Elmorshedy, MASc candidate

Nazanin Hamzei, MASc candidate

Sol Lancashire, MASc candidate (part-time, BC Hydro)

Farid Mabrouk, MEng student

Peter Chen, MEng student

Kevin Lin, MEng student

Visiting Scholars

Prof. Qing Hu, Dalian Maritime University, China

Linli Cui, Lecturer, UESTC, Chengdu, China

Binghao Chen, Beijing Jiaotong University

Ruifeng Chen, Beijing Jiaotong University


Jason Khuu, Capstone Project

Erik Wu, Capstone Project

Ahmed El Sayed, Capstone Project

Youtai Xue, Capstone Project

Christopher Green, P25 Project

Matthew Underhill, P25 Project

Maryam Kashi, 5G Project

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